Countries In The World

China is the biggest tea producer in the world. It is believed that it was China that introduced the world to tea. The country accounts for nearly 40% of global tea production.


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India is the second-biggest producer globally, but it goes without saying that Indians are the biggest consumers of tea in the world. After blood and water, tea is the third fluid that runs in the veins of Indias.


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Kenya is the biggest tea producer in the continent. In fact, it is the third-largest tea producer in the world. Tea was introduced in Kenya as early as 1903.


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India’s neighbor in the South is another major tea producer despite being a small island nation. Tea holds a major share of Sri Lanka’s economy. 35,000 tonnes of tea is produced in Sri Lanka every year.

Sri Lanka

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Turkey is the only nation in Europe that is a major tea producer. As the Indian subcontinent, Turkish people are also very fond of tea, so tea is produced here in such a huge quantity.


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