Chopta Tungnath Trek: A Hidden Gem In The Himalayan Region


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The Chopta Tungnath Trek is one of the moderate treks in India. It is one of the best places for intermediate-level trekkers. The trek starts from the holy city of Haridwar and goes all the way up to Chandrashila. From first-timers who are yet to try their hands at trekking to intermediate level trekkers who want to take their experience to the next level. The Tungnath trek is one of the best places to flirt with the steep slopes and challenging rocky terrains of mountains covered with snow during the winters. 

How to Reach?

As mentioned earlier, Haridwar is the starting point for the trek. The city is well connected to Delhi by road. The nearest airport is the Jolly Grant airport in Dehradun. You can easily find taxis for Haridwar from the airport. You can also reach here by train as the city is well connected to all its major parts through the Indian rail network.  


From Haridwar, you'll need to reach Chopta, a hill station that serves as the basecamp for the trek. It is a beautiful destination that is also known as "Mini Switzerland of India." It is located at an altitude of 2600 meters. This part of the country is gifted with mesmerizing meadows, endless green cover, and exciting trekking trails. It is a perfect spot to fall in love with nature lovers. You can spend a day here at the camp and take the nearby smaller treks to prepare for the challenging trails ahead.

You can start your journey to the Tungnath trek the next day after having your breakfast. 

Chopta Base Camp

The best time to go for the Tungnath Trek is between March and May. The weather is pleasant during this time of the year, and you can enjoy the breathtaking landscapes while finding your way through the challenging trails. 


Deoriyatal lake

The Devariyatal Lake, located at an elevation of 2440 meters, will be your next stop. The view from here is breathtaking. You will get a clear picture of the majestic Chaukhamba ranges. 

Tungnath is situated at an elevation of 3680 meters, and this is where the fun and challenges begin. The trek takes you to the heavenly Chandranath Parvat. 

Hold your breath because the journey is not over yet. Next on the map is the Chandrashila top that is located at an elevation of 4130 meters. 

Chopta tungnath

You need to take permits for the trek and camping before you start climbing up, and it's advisable to do all the formalities before starting the adventure. Since the climate and area will be entirely new, it is advisable to carry common medicines, insect repellants, a torch, a lighter, and a small knife. Camping in the mountains is entirely different from camping on the plains. Also, do not take a heavy meal and try to eat less-oily and light food before leaving for the trek. Digestion problems are the last thing that you would want to encounter during such an adventure. 


camping in tungnath

Things that you should carry

1. Trekking Boots

2. Camping Shoes

3. Thick Winter Jacket

4. Caps and Socks

5. Sunglasses

6. Sunscreen

7. A water bottle

8. Trekking Pole

9. First-Aid kit

Note: Do not carry alcohol and non-veg food on the trek as these things are not allowed in the region. 

Starting from Haridwar and ending at Chopta, the trek will take 4 days at the max. You can return to your basecamp in Chopta on the fourth day itself. 

Pro tip: Carry polythene bags to keep your mobile phone and other gadgets as they are waterproof. Do not try to walk faster than the average speed in a bid to complete the trek early. You will only drain yourself this way, and it may result in a really unpleasant experience