tyagaraja, tyagaraja songs, tyagaraja bio, tyagaraja biography

Tyagaraja, the composer of Indian classical Carnatic music, died in 1847 at the age of 79.

January 06 tyagaraja, tyagaraja songs, tyagaraja bio, tyagaraja biography

Tyagaraja, sometimes known as Tygayya, was an Indian classical music composer and vocalist who specialised in Carnatic music. He was a prolific composer who had a significant impact on India's classical music tradition. Tyagaraja is known as the Trinity of Carnatic music, together with his contemporaries Shyama Shastri and Muthuswami Dikshitar. Thousands of devotional compositions were written by Tyagaraja, the most of which were in Telugu and in honour of Lord Rama, and many of them are still popular today. Five of his compositions, known as the Pancharatna Kritis (English: "five gems"), are frequently sung in programmes dedicated to him. On January 6, 1847, he passed away.

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