When it comes to Indian weddings, everything is already grand, lavish and shiner from far. But when Indian weddings gets the tag with Bollywood celebrities then the country goes “Lala Land”.

We have witnessed so many Bollywood weddings and still, we can’t get over it. From recently wedded A-star actors, Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone getting married in Italy to last year’s talk of the season, cricketer Virat Kohli and actress Anushka Sharma’s wedding in Italy, no Bollywood fan can chill out.

Social media such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook are just flooded with every photograph which gets released before, during or after the wedding. And with every wedding coming up, there is a competition of setting a trend, be it catchy hashtags such as #everydayphenomenal from actress Sonam K Ahuja and businessman Anand S Ahuja to setting a mark on how to have a bachelorette party by Priyanka Chopra, who is tying knot with Hollywood actor and singer Nick Jonas soon.

People post, send gifts and bless their favorite actors for a good married life but they can’t just stop. Before, when the Internet wasn’t used as the way it has been used now and when social media was very limited people used to get feeds and photographs from newspapers or television for a limited period. They had to wait to know how a Bollywood wedding went about. But due to this connecting web world, everything is just a thumb away and quick to learn. The glamour and richness of celebrities are so near to our eyes and feels so real, it just leaves us to envy.

After visiting those beautiful, photoshopped and rich photographs of their favorite celebrities’  wedding, people wish to get married and they express those pictures as “Life Goals”, “The way he looks at her”, “Wedding goals”, “Please someone marry me like this”.

But what does this overly attention given the wedding of Bollywood do to us? Firstly, because of us hyping it, the overly priced Indian big fat wedding business can never leave our Indian society which just makes our life tough when it comes to our weddings or weddings of people around us.

Secondly, giving time excessive time and thought on celebrities events just drains your energy and the people who upload those photographs, videos and articles are the ones who get to earn from it.

Thirdly, envying can lead to dissatisfaction and self-doubt which is not necessary because of some rich celebrity gets to have a big fat wedding for themselves.

In India, the wedding is so much about grandness and luxury which is not true. Marriage is about love, compassion and your companion whom you want to live the rest of your life with. Let’s not make a marriage a competition or show-off business. Let’s mind our own business, cherish our own lives and be grateful for what we have.