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Modi Government working to End China’s dependency on lithium-ion batteries!

The Modi government is focused on fostering research on emerging technology such as metal-ion and metal-air batteries. To minimize reliance…


Floods in The Holy River, Disaster in Uttrakhand

Where did this happenAt least 14 people are killed, and more than 150 are missing Sunday after a glacier bursts…


Most Subscribed YouTubers in India!

We crucially evaluated to see who had the most subscribers to get the most recent Youtube stars in India. The…


India Witnessed 400 Internet Lockdowns In 4 Years

1. The country has seen seven incidences of internet shutdowns just in its first month – including five cases at…


All You Need To Know About The Military Coup In Mayanmar

On 1st Feb, Myanmar’s military attempted to overthrow the country’s shaky elected regime, arrested civilian officials, closed down the internet, and…