1) The presence of a dog brings proven attitude change. As dogs are naturally active and cheerful creatures, they often bring immense optimism. Other than excellent pet they also make great protectors.

2) A properly trained police dog saves 600 to 1000 man-hours every year. They detect danger faster than human officers and prevent offensive situations from escalating.

3) A lot of K9 officers lost their lives in the 9/11 attack many trying to protect their colleagues. A dog named Daisy saved 967 people in the same attack.

4) In hostile situations, they are the first ones to risk their lives as they are trained. They can hold hostages and even kill a criminal if their handlers demand so.

5) German Shepherds were used in almost all major wars. They make excellent sniffers and even better protectors.

6) K9s are trained to sniff out drugs of any kind, electronic devices, bombs and even acidic substances. Greeks and Persians were the first to use dogs in war.

7) Sultan, Caesar, Tiger and Max four best buddies from Mumbai Bomb Squad have received the status of heroes after their services in both 2006 train blasts and 26/11 attacks. They were wrapped in the tricolour flag after their deaths.