18 Popular Google doodle games to play in your free time


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To Stam Significant occasions and events besides artworks Google posts interesting doodle games on its search result home page on special events. we have discovered one of the best games for you to cut time when feeling bored and when you need rest from work. Below given the most popular Google Doodle games that you can play right now. 

what games can you play on google doodle (2021)

Since these games are online, you don't need to spend extra data to download them. You can start up one of these games directly from your internet browser. With that far removed, we should begin with the rundown.


Pac Man Google Doodle Game

The Pac-Man game was released back in the 90s (1980) game is more than 40 years old. To bring back memories you can still run the Pac-Man game and also you can introduce this game to the young generation. Playing Pacman is not difficult to learn and difficult to dominate (like every single exemplary game). Score however many checkpoints as you can eating the little dots all around the maze. 10 checkpoints per dots (240 of them). Huge checkpoints come when you eat 1 of the 4 Big blazing dots called Energizers worth 50 checkpoints situated on each side of the maze. You can assemble a potential 14,600 checkpoints for each level, and on the off chance that you eat up a couple of fruits, you add to the level. you can play this right now on google doodle games. To play the game click on the URL below and press the insert coin button boom you are on the game 

Run Pac-Man


Cricket Google Doodle Game

If you miss your childhood when you use to play cricket with your friends and don’t have time to play just stream online on google doodle games. Where you can play cricket online without downloading heavy files on your pc. Google created this game back in 2017 to celebrate event ICC Champion trophy. You can right now play this game online. Game instructions include tap on the bat to score runs.

Run Cricket


Soccer Google Doodle Game

Best game for football lovers whenever feels bored or don’t have much time to play on the ground with your friends explore this option on google doodle games. Without costing any extra data you can just stream online. You can’t score goals but here you are goalkeeper who is responsible to stop the ball for coming goal attempts. You can play with the keyboard’s arrow keys to move right and left to your goalkeeper. And click the space button to block the goal 

Run Soccer game

Halloween 2016

Halloween Google Doodle Game

Going back from 2016 is a Halloween doodle where you play as a dark Cat named Momo at Magic Cat Academy. Your assignment is to swipe spells and save your friends from phantoms. The game has straightforward controls and is a simple rest from work. Nonetheless, do remember that the trouble of the game will in general increment as you continue further to the next levels. You can give it a shot on the off chance that you refresh yourself during the Halloween season and appreciate being in that spirit.

Run Halloween


Basket Ball Google Doodle Game

Can’t run the basketball court with your friends to basket the ball. Google doodle games give you the option to refresh your basketball memories. Google brought this game to celebrate the 2012 summer games You don’t need to indulge in downloading heavy files. As you would expect, you should toss the ball through the loop. Press the Space bar or mouse catch to set the proper power needed to make an exact basket. The time furthest reaches of the game is 24 seconds and you should score however many baskets as could be expected under the circumstances inside this span.

Run Basketball


Hurdles Google Doodle Games

The hurdle is a game in which you have to run, jump, and clear the obstacles to make it to the finish line on time. Just click on the link to play the game don’t need to download any additional file for this game. Game instruction involves press left and right key button arrows to run fast alternatively. Whenever an obstacle comes in your path press the space button to jump over it. It is valuable as a top priority that you will not lose on the off chance that you unintentionally stumble on an obstacle. You can in any case keep playing and complete the game.

Run hurdle game 

Hip Hop

Hip Hop Google Doodle Games

Want to become a DJ and want to discover new beats. Another game only made for you to fulfil your dream as a DJ is Hip Hop. You can operate the crossfader to mix the beats, pick tracks, and even score the dual turntable. The game highlights notable tracks that mark the tradition of the hip jump culture. The game's instructional exercise is described by design MTV Raps have Fab Five Freddy. Don’t need to download any software to mix tunes stream online on google doodle games.

Run Hip Hop

Slalom canoe

Slalom Canoe Google Doodles Games

Another game worth looking at is Slalom Canoe. In this game, you should push a kayak through the water. You can utilize left and right bolt keys to control the kayak. Squeezing the left key moves the kayak towards the left and the kayak moves to one side when you press/press and hold the right arrow key. To push quicker, on the other hand, hit the left and right keys. Pass through the entryways and maintain a distance from obstacles in your way.

Run Slalom canoe

Coding for carrots

Coding For Carrots Google Doodle Games

This game was introduced to celebrate 50 years of children coding, Google's coding for carrots game expects players to gather carrots in transit utilizing code blocks. The thought is to direct the rabbit to gather every one of the accessible carrots. You should simply determine the correct way. As the game advances, you'll get nuanced controls to excellently move the character. Children across the globe have loved this game and chances are, your kid is (or you are) prone to get enjoyment from this game.

Run Coding for carrots

Garden Gnomes

Garden Gnomes

Fond of gardening flowers to the garden this game will help you to garden flowers you're given the control of a launch. You can press the space bar or click to begin and dispatch clay gnomes as far as possible in the nursery. The farther your little person comes to, the more blossoms and flowers you plant in the garden. You likewise get extra checkpoints for traveling more distance.

Run Garden Gnomes


Fischinger Google Doodle Games

It is a music-themed game that was introduced by google doodle games to celebrate Oskar Fischinger’s 117th birthday. Here, you can click/press on the screen to start your visual music composition. Don’t have to download any file just stream online with the below-mentioned link. You likewise have a wide scope of customization alternatives including presets, beat change slider, and more to get the correct tone you need.

Run Fischinger


Scoville Google Doodle

Scoville is a game made to celebrate the 151st birthday of Wilbur Scoville, prevalently known for planning a framework to gauge the warmth of pepper. You're ice cream in the game and you should battle the pepper. You should simply click right when the red circle arrives at the center spot. Love ice-creams become ice-cream by the following link and play.

Run Scoville                                                    


Loteria Google Doodle

Google doodle games introduced this game for card lovers it is also known as a Mexican card game. First up, you need to search for the cards on your cardboard. On the off chance that you have a coordinating card, place a bean on that card. You need four beans on any line to win. It’s a multiplayer game you can play randomly or can send invitation links to your friends

Run Loteria 

Halloween 2018

Halloween 2018 Google Doodle Games

Google doodle games are up with the next version of Halloween 2018 as compare to Halloween 2016. We have picked another Halloween game, since who doesn't care for playing as a charming ghost? Halloween 2018 is a multiplayer intelligent game where you can catch up with players across the globe to gather however many meandering spirits blazes as could be expected under the circumstances shortly and securely return them home. opponents will attempt to block spirits, yet you'll have to save the spirit to win. The game has two groups and each group can have an aggregate of 4 players. You can play online don’t need to download any file and you can play with random players or can send an invitation to your friends.

Run Halloween 2018



While this isn't a normal game, Rockmore reproduces the experience of Theremin, an electronic instrument that works without actual contact. The doodle was made to observe Clara Rockmore's 105th birthday celebration. You can utilize your mouse or contact the notes to control the theremin. It is maybe the most one-of-a-kind game you'll discover on the rundown and you're probably going to appreciate it if you like to explore different avenues regarding music. You'll additionally discover controls to change the key, scale, octave, and waveform from the settings. Give it a try it's amazing.

Run Rockmore

Pangolin Love

Pangolin Love

Pangolin Love is a Google Doodle game where your goal is to gather elements for heating a cake as a blessing to another Pangolin. You'll be pardoned on the off chance that you think the idea sounds all in all too messy as it is made to observe Valentine's Day. Notwithstanding your perspectives on Valentine's Day, you can play the game to gather the things. To play, utilize the arrow keys to push ahead or in reverse and press the Space bar to jump obstacles. explore the game with the link given below.

Run Pangolin Love

Rubik’s cube 

Rubik's Cube Google Doodles Games

If you want to improve your concentration and patience level this game is made for you. Google doodle made this game to get you covered. on the off chance that your Rubik's Cube addressing abilities are still sufficient, Google's Rubik's 3D square doodle has got you covered. You can utilize the dependent variant to address Rubik's Cube directly from your internet browser utilizing a mouse or keyboard. The controls utilizing the keyboard are as per the following: 

F =Front 

B = Back 

U =Up 

D = Down 

L = Left 

R = Right 

X =Rotate Cube on Right 

Y = Rotate Cube on Up 

Z =Rotate Cube on Front

Run Rubik’s cube

Pony express

Pony Express

Fond of horse riding. We will tell you about the pony express game where you become a horse rider you have to deliver mails on time from California to Missouri and vice versa. You should take a stab at gathering each of the 100 letters throughout the game and stay away from obstacles while you're in it. Generally, it's a basic Google Doodle game that you would appreciate when you need to unwind constantly following a bustling day or when you want to refresh your mind.

Run Pony express

What is Google Doodle? How it came into existence?

A Google Doodle is the result of Google that shows up incidentally on extraordinary events instead of Google's lasting logo on the landing page. The doodle marks relevant and important celebrations, individuals, accomplishments, events, and occasions. The first-historically speaking Google Doodle was made out of appreciation for the Burning Man Festival of 1998. The idea of the doodle was conceived when Google authors Larry and Sergey played with the corporate logo to demonstrate their participation at the Burning Man celebration in the Nevada desert.

What number of doodles has Google done throughout the long term?

The group has made more than 4000 doodles for landing pages around the globe.

Who picks what doodles will be made and how google chooses which occasions will get doodles?

A gathering of Googlers gets together consistently to conceptualize and choose which occasions will be commended with a doodle. The thoughts for the doodles come from various sources including Googlers and Google clients. The doodle determination measure expects to celebrate fascinating occasions and commemorations that mirror Google's character and love for advancement.

Who plans the doodles?

There is a gathering of craftsmen (we call them doodlers) and experts that are behind each and every doodle you see.

How might Google clients/the general population propose thoughts for doodles?

The doodle group is constantly eager to hear thoughts from clients - they can email doodleproposals@google.com with thoughts for the following Google doodle. The group gets many demands each day so we shockingly can't react to everybody. In any case, have confidence that we're understanding them