5 best Alternatives to WhatsApp in India


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WhatsApp Messenger, owned by Facebook, is the world's most prevalent Messaging App. The organization constantly introduces new updates to keep it on top. But with WhatsApp, not everyone is pleased. WhatsApp has recently revised its privacy policy to illustrate how the data will be treated within the Facebook family of applications and goods. The strategy shows that a lot of telemetry data is collected from your computer by the firm. Then it's the fact that everyone's using WhatsApp these days, but we're not going to fault you if it's too distracting for you. So, if you want to go to a more intimate or safe message app.


Here are the 10 best WhatsApp alternatives you can use now.

We listed in this article applications that concentrate on privacy and accessibility. 



Telegram app

Telegram Messenger was now regarded for some time as the strongest WhatsApp rival. The open-source message app remains the perfect choice for WhatsApp. In addition to the regular chatting features WhatsApp and Telegram, they also provide features such as mega communities of up to 100,000 users, public forums, usernames, exchange files up to 1.5GB, passcode lock, auto-destruct messages, secret chat encryption, etc.

Then there are Telegram Bots to change the experience. The bots provide you with crucial information and some game bots that allow games to be played inside the messaging app. Apart from that, Telegram can be used on many channels simultaneously on different devices so that you can start messaging on your phone and proceed on your computer. I like the calling function that works pretty well here as well.

That said, Telegram does not offer a video call feature. However, it makes it possible by offering truly exclusive functionality not available on WhatsApp. Thus, you cannot go wrong when you choose Telegram Messenger as your message client if you don't have any attention to video calls.


Signal Private Messaging

Signal App

Signal Foundation, the company which supports WhatsApp Messenger and Facebook Messenger end-to-end encryption technology, offers its very own so-called Signal Private Messenger Messaging app. In contrast to WhatsApp, Signal carries with it a range of safety advantages. It provides automatic messages, protects the computer (prevents anyone from taking screenshots), and more.

Moreover, Signal provides the backup, calls, community calls, and all other data in the program with encryption. You secure even the files you send with Signal. Besides, Signal does not connect data to your identification, according to Apple's App Store page.

It's an excellent application for someone who needs to talk to other users anonymously. That is why, with journalists, Signal is so famous. Private Messenger Signal is for people who want an easy, secure chat app. It's the perfect WhatsApp option for you if you're looking for anything like this.


Sandes (An Atmanirbhar alternative for WhatsApp)

Sandes app

The National IT Center has unveiled Sandes, an instant messaging site on the WhatsApp row. Like WhatsApp, any person who has a mobile number or email id will use the new NIC platform for all communications.

The government felt that it had to construct the forum to secure contact among the workers when they were operating from their home following the lockdown developed in March 2020 to monitor the spread of Covid 19.

Following security fears, in April, the Ministry of Home Affairs sent all government officials a warning to stop using official contact channels like Zoom.

After Zoom had already noticed the security and privacy issues from the Computer Emergency Response Team (Cert-In).

For the last four years, we have been working on the concept of a stable contact network devoted solely to government staff. According to authorities, the implementation of the concept was accelerated last year.




Discord App

Discord is not simply a messaging site for your friends. While many Discord servers can be explored with your interests, many people are also overlooking the DM features of Discord. You can send notes, emojis, GIFs, pictures, and even documents with Discord's personal messages functionality. Besides, after sharing your screen, you can make voice calls, video calls, or even navigate together.

In combination with neat Spotify, Twitch, YouTube, Battle.net, Steam, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Xbox Live, and GitHub integrations, Discord is way better than WhatsApp.

Group chats for Discord with a collective of 10 members can also be established. You can still build a server if you need more space. I suggest that you immediately disable WhatsApp and install Discord if you ask me. The link below to download Discord can be found, and I will guarantee you that the decision will not be regrettable.



keybase app

Keybase is a secure open-source chat program that is useful for users that want secure communication. Since it's open-source software, you don't have a private firm that looks after all the results. However, the data are encrypted end-to-end so that the message is not leaked to unfortunate actors at any time.

You can't even take a screenshot of the chat with the smartphone. The Chat service functions more like Slack than WhatsApp, but it is not for companies but for people who care about their privacy online.

My favorite Keybase function is that you do not need anybody's number or email ID to link to them. This enables you to contact users with whom you do not wish to share your personal data. This is, finally, one of the only chat applications offering a native Linux operating system program. You should always try it out if you respect your privacy.