Delicious French Food You Must Try before You Die


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French dishes do not create a lot of buzz like Chinese, Indian, Thai or Japanese dishes. But it doesn’t mean that French cuisine is not popular. French dishes have been gaining popularity all across the world. French dishes are a lot more about simplicity than overload of flavours and spices. Cheese and authentic sauces are the base of most of the French dishes. For all the fitness freaks, French dishes are really light and low on calories. Once you try a French dish, it could be really addictive. There are a lot of French dishes that are famous in different parts of the world and are among the key reasons for the popularity of French restaurants and cafes outside France.

The only thing that keeps French dishes from getting as popular as an Italian Pasta or a Japanese Sushi is the lack of advertisement and promotion. You might have seen celebrities boasting about having a plate of Sushi in a high-end restaurant. But how often do you see someone posting a picture of a French dish on their Instagram feed? It is difficult to find an authentic French dish outside of Europe but there are several restaurants that sell French dishes in different parts of the world. If you are a true foodie, you should try different cuisines and find out what you like the most.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best French dishes that you must try at least once in your life.


L’Escargot, Escargot

The key ingredient in L’Escargot is Snails. Snails are doused in butter and cooked with garlic and parsley to get the taste of an authentic seafood. This is one of the most affordable French dishes you can have while exploring the food scene in the country. You can easily find the dish in any decent restaurant in Paris. 


crepes, crepes recipe

Girls might always say No to creeps, but they certainly can't resist Crepe. Neither can boys. The dish mainly originates from Brittany. The pancake-like dish is prepared using sugar and different types of syrups. You can also find different flavours like Nutella, Caramel etc. The dish is prepared using white flour, milk, and sweet toppings. The dish is generally topped with eggs, ham or cheese. 

Chocolate Croissant:

croissant, chocolate croissant

Yes you heard it right. Croissant is not Belgian. It is French. One of the most popular sweet snacks in France, Chocolate Croissant is known as Pain au Chocolat in France. You can find a variety of items when it comes to flavours and you must try a few of them to understand why it is so popular in the country. 

French Onion Soup:

french onion soup

As mentioned earlier, simplicity is a very integral train of French cuisine. Raw onions are used to prepare the soup and it is generally topped with a lot of cheese. Yes! You heard it right. You can have soup anywhere in the world but it is the use of French Gruyère cheese that makes the dish so special. There are a lot of quirky cafes in Paris where you can enjoy the traditional onion soup. 



Madeleines are authentic French cakes containing an abundance of butter. They can be found in grocery stores across France and are a favourite snack of French people. These spongy shell-shaped cakes are really light and you can have them at any time of the day. The best place to get fresh Madeleines is Lorraine. 

Apple Tart:

apple tart

Apple Tart or tarte aux pommes is another popular dish that you should try at least once to get more information about the diversity of the cuisine. These cookie-shaped tarts are generally topped with Apple and several other fruits and dry fruits. It is among the most famous snacks in France.