Diljit Dosanjh: 8 Best movies you must watch


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Diljit Dosanjh may not be everyone's cup of tea. He doesn't speak any English, and he doesn't frighten himself. His set of super-cheap sneakers he always glades on his social media is fantastic. He's also well-known for posting enigmatic remarks on the Instagram page of Kylie Jenner, all in Punjabi, BTW. But he's still an extremely popular musician who broke many records and YouTube views for his music. He was also a fine director who made hit movies with uncanny precision in both Punjabi and Hindi.

Diljit Dosanjh is something - people like him. On repeat, they hear his songs. 'Love' his images of almost religious duty on social media. And repeat his films, again and again, to make sure they break records in box offices.

He's fortunate, can you say? Yet he's a great goddamn actor. 

In this country, there were just two trends. Diljit Dosanjh and farmers strike.

This turned singer exists in every heart for so many years with his genius music and films. However, he stands firmly with the protesting farmers at Singhu border.'

Diljit Dosanjh is busy taking the entire world by a storm with his impeccable voices and equally stellar performance. In days when he is not fanboying Gal Gadot or dropping cheesy messages on his timeline.

We think nobody knows about Diljit Dosanj or that he runs the uncrowned 'king of Swag' millions of hearts anyway.

Let's look at some of his incredible movies in the film industry in Bollywood and Punjab.


Jatt & Juliet 2 (2013)

Jatt and juliet 2

It is the sequel to Jatt & Juliet, and it is the best record ever in Punjabi. This time as police officers, the film took back two directions from the original. And it seemed to be sufficient to lap the movie for the viewer. And again, Diljit too. Diljit and Neeru Bajwa reprise two characters from the prequel. Diljit plays Fateh Singh, a constable who promises to find and return the Commissioner's daughter to be promoted to Canada.


Soorma (2018)

Soorma, Sandeep Singh

Diljit took on the vast challenge of shedding light on hockey hero Sandeep Singh's life in his first-ever biographical film and in his fourth Hindi movie. And now he came out with flying colors, as you had always guessed (and known). Maybe the film didn't succeed for some, but there was no denial that Diljit was really the best pick.

Sandeep Singh is a legend of hockey and one of the greatest performers of all time, making a legend (wait for it) dary comeback after a stroke.


Sajjan Singh Rangroot (2018)

Sajjan Singh Rangroot

This is the severe film made in Punjabi by Diljit in the aftermath of Punjab 1984. Diljit plays a soldier during the First World War in the British Indian Army. He holds a decent arrest that won him many good reviews. It was also a reminder to his viewers from Punjabi, who may have been used to seeing him with all these luminous characters.

Indian war drama centered on Sikh Soldier's encounters in the British Indian Army, throughout the First World War, on the west front.


Punjab 1984 (2014)

Punjab 1984, 84 riots, 1984

Diljit left his comedy and the flashy real-life guy completely. Diljit stunned the world in the years of the horrible Punjab rebellion with the fantastic portrait of a young man with his life. The film and the Diljit acting have won many hearts. This is a sensitive and spectacular one, perfectly opposed to those who believe Diljit is a poor actor.

This film was based on the Punjab uprising 1984-86 and its consequences on people's lives, namely the Diljit and Kirron Kher mother-son couple.


Udta Punjab (2016)

Diljit dosanjh in udta punjab

When Diljit made his first appearance in Bollywood with a dark, defecating film, many wondered if he could stand out in a movie with Shahid Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, and Kareena Kapoor Khan well, instead of a conventional romantic comedy. Results, he was the film's incredible bundle, always leaving his mark confidently. Shahid and Alia should have had more writers, but we wanted Diljit's role with all his seriousness.

The film centers around a rock star, a migrant worker, a doctor, and a police officer in the vicious circle of youth violence in Punjab and its different plots.


Ambarsariya (2016)


Diljit had this romantic thriller play a RAW agent on a mission which falls amid two women and manages to break and win hearts while solving a high-profile case. Ambarsaria works not only because it's the joy rollercoaster but also because the movie is also the beauty of Diljit. By the time the movie was released, he will have been a good superstar, and the film displays all this swagger.


Phillauri (2017)


A young man comes back from Canada, but he has to marry his girlfriend first because he's a "Manglik." He starts being haunted by a woman's spirit after having married a pine. Diljit plays her loving interest Roop Lal' Phillauri'. In contrast, Anushka plays the ghost's character, and the rest of the film is weaved in flashbacks from the love story.


Sardaar Ji (2015)

Sardaar Ji

Wikipedia calls it "one of Punjab's first fantasy films." But you should not be watching the film because the VFX in this movie is very lame. Diljit's role as a ghost hunter (don't you kids!!) in the movie is why you should look at Sardaar Ji. He is so unique in the movie and shares such remarkable chemistry with his famous co-star, Neeru Bajwa. It doesn't matter to take this movie's odd plot to heart.

Diljit plays the role of a great pursuing man who is desperately in love with his ghost.