Explore the Unexplored Kollam in Kerala


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Kerala has been becoming popular among travelers. The state has magnificent backwaters, untouched natural beauty, refreshing greenery, enchanting valleys, mouth-watering food, and unique culture. There are several tourist spots in the state, and Kollam is one of those spots. 

Kollam is a city on the Malabar coast. The city borders the Laccadive sea, and it was once a crucial seaport. The city is located 86 kilometers north of Trivandrum. The city fell on an important trading route in the old age, but it has now evolved as a major economic and tourist hub. The city had trade relations with the Arabs, the Chinese, Ethiopians, Jews, Syrians, and Romans. From Marco Polo to Ibn Battuta, many key figures talked about the importance of Kollam in history. 

Kollam is gifted with a magnificent coastline. Located on the banks of Ashtamudi Lake, Kollam has no shortage of scenic landscapes. A vacation in God's own country is everyone's dream, and Kollam is one of the places that you must visit during your Kerala trip. The city has cascading waterfalls, breathtaking landscapes, serene water bodies, and magnificent architecture.  Kollam is located very close to Trivandrum and has a lot of cheap stay options. Like any other Kerala city, Kollam can be explored with a limited budget too.


Best places to explore in Kollam

Ashtamudi Lake: 

Kollam is located on the banks of Ashtamudi Lake. The lake is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city. It is one of the most visited lakes in the state. Dotted with palm and coconut trees, the majestic water body is surrounded by lush green waterways. A houseboat trip to this lake is among the best things to do in Kollam. The lake is located nearly 17 km from the city center, and one can reach there after a journey of 30 minutes. You can choose to stay at one of the many beautiful resorts in the town. 

Jatayu's Earth Centre: 

jattayu centre

Jatayu's Earth Centre is among the most photographed sites in the state. A heaven for adventure lovers, the Jatayu's Earth Centre is a rock-themed park that provides a bird's eye view of the entire region. The adventure park has a 6D theatre, a digital audio-visual room, cable car, and much more to make your visit entertaining. The gigantic statue of Jatayu is among the top attractions in the city. It is located 38 km from the city center. 

Palaruvi Waterfalls: 

pallaruvi waterfalls

Palaruvi means' streams of milk.' The astounding Palaruvi waterfalls are located on the Kollam-Shenkottai Road. Falling from a height of nearly 300 feet, the cascading waterfall looks like a stream of milk due to the force of water. It is the 32nd highest waterfall in the country and is among the top picnic spots in the city. The waterfall is located nearly 78 km from the city center. It is a perfect spot to enjoy some quality time in the lap of nature while enjoying a refreshing bath. 



Mayyanad is a beautiful village located 10 km away from Kollam city. The village houses many important shrines and villages. Located on the banks of Paravur Lake, the village is on the coast of the Arabian sea. It houses 9 important temples and attracts pilgrims from different parts of the country. You can enjoy the experience of staying at a seaside homestay while in Mayyanad. Walking along the serene beaches in the village will help you discover yourself.

Kollam Beach: 

kollam beach

There are several crystal clear water beaches in and around Kollam, and Kollam Beach is among the best of them. Known for its golden sand, this beach is as perfect as a postcard picture. From picnics to destination weddings, Kollam Beach is an ideal location for a lot of things. The beach also has a lighthouse called the Tangasseri Lighthouse, which adds great value to the beach. If you are looking to click some awesome beachside pictures, Kollam beach is the ideal location. It is located hardly 5km away from the city center. 

Kollam Adventure Park: 

kollam adventure park

We have seen beaches, lakes, and waterfalls. Now it's time to explore the green cover in the city. Kollam adventure park takes you closer to mother nature. Known for its dense green cover and adventurous trails, the Kollam Adventure Park is located beside the backwaters of Ashtamudi. The urban park is a perfect spot for a picnic, and it attracts thousands of adventure junkies every year.



One of the finest locations in Kollam, Punalur, is a piece of art. The breathtaking suspension bridge, the first motorable bridge in South India, is the city's highlight. Punalur is gifted with a dense green cover, jaw-dropping views, adventurous spots, and picturesque locations. Punalur also holds great historical significance, and there's a lot to explore in the city for history buffs. It is an ideal place for an undisturbed, peaceful holiday in the lap of nature.