How to create Best WhatsApp Stickers


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Recently WhatsApp has added numerous sticker features. That can be sent to other users while chatting just like other different social media apps. With the latest version of WhatsApp, 2.18 people can see a new option on both IOS devices and android devices in the emoji section of the app called WhatsApp sticker. 

At the outset, just a single sticker pack comes pre-introduced with the update. Be that as it may, the implicit sticker store gives the choice to download more, the store additionally has the choice to download stickers from Google Play Store. Even though few outsider sticker packs are accessible, it comes up short on some great stickers that you should utilize. So why not make your image stickers and use them. Indeed, if you are searching for making your stickers, follow our bit-by-bit control.


Latest WhatsApp version 2.18 or later with a working network connection.

First Step: originate a new image with a background 

The first and foremost thing you should do is click your photos/pictures with the articulations you need and convert them to PNG document format design with no foundation. To do that, open your cell phone camera and snap a few pictures and now we should change over them into PNG document design with no foundation and afterwards will add them to WhatsApp. so here are how to change over your photos into PNG with a straight forward background or no foundation/background.

Download background eraser app from Google play store 

1. Open the recently clicked image that you want to convert into a sticker

2. Erase the background of the image and crop it 

3. Now download and save the image in PNG format as WhatsApp is compatible with PNG format only

Note: Create at any rate three pictures as WhatsApp doesn't permit to add a Sticker load with under three pictures in it. 

 Personal Stickers for WhatsApp

1. On the off chance that you have finished the means referenced above, download and install another application known as Personal Sticker for WhatsApp

2. Run the application

3. The app will automatically verify and detect all the stickers originated by you.

4. Click and Tap on the ‘Add’ button located beside the sticker

5. Again, click on add option when the screen will ask 

6. When done, open WhatsApp and head to the Stickers segment by tapping on the Emoji symbol from the left of the content box. Select the Stickers alternative and search for the stickers you have added. Click or Tap on it to send.

Here are some applications that can help you create sticker easily:

1. Wemoji app 

It does not include any sticker pack but it’s the best tool to create your own stickers pack. The salient feature of this app is you can crop, cut the outlines faces of people whatever you want to do with this app.

There's an entire bundle of other altering highlights here, as well, remembering a lot of textual styles to use for text for your emoticon, and a helpful coordinator for your custom emoticons, which allows you to make various classes put together them into. 

You don't have to utilize photographs either, so if there's a specific sticker, for example, a character from a TV show, that you need to utilize, simply take a screen capture, crop it utilizing the application, and add it to your assortment. Click here to install it. 

2. Sticker.ly


One of the best and most rated sticker packs around, Sticker.ly contains a huge variety and numerous WhatsApp stickers uploaded by thousands of individuals/users. It’s even easy and simple to create, save and upload your sticker packs using the integrated Auto Cut feature, which detects and verifies outlines in your photos crop, and trims them for you There are funny stickers, romantic stickers, inspirational quotes for your WhatsApp Status page, memes, stickers, and much more. The amount of choice is spectacular. Click here to download and install. 

3. Game Sticker app 

The Game Stickers pack contains a magnificent cluster of informal stickers for well-known games like PUBG, Super Mario, Angry Birds, League of Legends and the sky is the limit from there. Every one of the stickers has been exceptionally made, so they're impeccably genuine and will not fall foul of copyright strikes should you decide to utilize them in your YouTube recordings or somewhere else. With this sticker pack, you'll at long last have the option to gamify your WhatsApp visits with your gaming companions. Tap here to install.

4. Stickers for WhatsApp 😍 - Emoji WAStickers 2020

If you can't get enough emoticons, Emoji Stickers for WhatsApp is an absolute necessity. It has every one of the feelings you will need, and you can rely on nine emoticon stickers and one image sticker. Click here to install this application.

5. Sticker Maker 

The best WhatsApp sticker packs you create and make are your own. You may have an image of yourself with an articulation you need to partake in a discussion and need to utilize it. With Sticker Maker, you can utilize any image as a sticker on WhatsApp. You can make stickers with a square or oval shape with a picture from your gadget's display. You should deliver in any event three stickers and a sticker symbol to add the sticker pack to WhatsApp. You can add upwards of thirty stickers for each pack, and if you at any point need to eliminate a sticker from a pack, simply tap on the red fewer spots. Click to install.