Kochi: The Heart of Kerala


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Kerala, a state in India, when we think of it, the image of beautiful coconut trees in the backwaters, banana chips, and wonderful boat rides flashes in front of us. The images of Kerala are always beautiful and majestic whenever it gets stuck in our minds. The tourism of Kerala is one of the best in India’s tourism industries. Thousands of tourists flock to Kerala every year to experience the beauty and ambiance of the state. And to experience that uniqueness, pleasant ambiance, and majestic beauty of the state, there is a perfect place waiting for you and, i.e., Kochi.  

Kochi is the heart of Kerala. No trip to Kerala can be completed without visiting Kochi. Kochi has emerged as one of the must-visits in Kerala. Kochi has so much to offer to its visitors. Kochi, the Queen of Arabian Sea,’ offers various experiences to its visitors that even take the breath away for moments. There are so many places to visit in Kochi that will give you the perfect glimpse of Kerala’s history, culture, and beauty. Kochi will give you the true essence of Kerala.

kochi history



Before we proceed to the visiting places of Kochi, let’s have a quick look at the magnificent history of Kochi. Kochi, Cochin, or The Queen of the Arabian Sea was an important trading and transportation center of the spices till the 14th century. Also, Kochi was the very first land that was occupied or conquered by the European Community. Portuguese too occupied Kochi in the year 1503, and it remained important for them till they chose Goa in 1530. Moreover, Kerala is one of the world’s 440 cities contributing to fifty percent of world GDP by 2025.


There are so many places to visit in Kochi some of the must-visits are listed below-



One of the best places to visit in Kochi is Mattancherry Palace. The palace is the perfect place to experience the electric mix of handicrafts, spices, culture, and food. This vibrant place in Kochi got its name from the house name “Ancherry Mattam,” a Brahmin house mispronounced by the Britishers as Matt-Ancherry. In this tourist spot of Kochi, the influence of the Portuguese can be witnessed. Also, Jew Town is another major tourist attraction in Mattancherry. It has a synagogue, which is India’s oldest functioning synagogue in India. This Palace was specially built by the Portuguese to express gratitude to Verra Kerala Varma, then King of Kochi. In the year 1633, the palace was renovated and extended by the Dutch. So, the palace exhibits the perfect blend of both cultures and is one of the rare monuments.


st francis church

How can one miss the Saint Francis Church while being in Kochi? Saint Francis is the oldest monument in the city. It was originally built by the Portuguese as a Catholic Church. Moreover, the best part of the church is that it is the burial ground of the great traveler Vasco Da Gama. The Church was reformed in the year 1804 by the Dutch. And to date, the building is one of the best representations of the Portuguese-Indian people of that time.


cherai beach

A trip to Kochi is completely incomplete without exploring Cherai Beach. Kochi being one of the best coastal regions in the country, how can one miss the beaches in Kochi. And especially Cherai Beach, which is around 20 kilometers from downtown Kochi. It is one of the best and cleanest beaches in the city. Just spend some time here at the beach and watch the sunset and sunrise there. You will feel the utmost pleasure. The hidden beauty of the seashore and the serenity of the beach will follow you with the motion of the dancing sea waves.


kochi visiting places

The islands are known for their best and beautiful beaches and serve as one of the best visiting places in Kochi. Have a short boat ride away from the mainland of Kochi and visit Bolghatty Palace there. The Bolghatty Palace is one of the oldest existing Dutch Palace and is now converted into a hotel. And the hotel has a small golf course, a swimming pool, a 9-hole golf course, an ayurvedic center, and even daily Kathakali performances.


kochi marine drive

Marine Drive, as its name tells, it is not a drive-through which the vehicles can be driven but is a scenic promenade in Ernakulam, which has the magnificent rainbow bridge that has become an epitome of Ernakulam, as one of the best visiting places in Kochi. The Marine Drive was built on the land that was reclaimed from the backwaters. The initial plan was to build a road along the coastline. Still, the coastline rules prohibited it because of which the road was converted to a walk away. The walkaway also has a Chinese net bridge.


kochi hill palace

Don’t forget to visit Hill Palace if you are in Kochi next time. The palace was the abode of the erstwhile Maharaja of Kochi but was converted to a museum in the year 1986. The museum is the treasure of ornaments, crowns, paintings, sculptures in stone, coins, inscriptions, marbles, weapons, etc. It is the largest archaeological museum in Kerala and was once the official residence of Cochin Maharaja. These facts make it one of the best tourist places in Kochi.