Narappa - A Justified Remake to Asuran


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The most awaited Indian Telegu language movie of the year, Narappa, is a remake of Asuran based on Poomani, Vekkai. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the movie got released on the OTT platform Amazon Prime and has created a new sense of joy among the fans. The film has been produced under the banners of Suresh Productions and V creations.

The film has been produced by D. Suresh Babu and Kalaipuli S. Thanu, starring Venkatesh, Priyamani, and Ammu Abhirami. Also, Brahmaji, Karthik Rathanam, Nassar, Rao Ramesh, and Rajeev Kanakala are the supporting actors in the movie. The movie was shot in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu. The film was premiered on July 20, 2021, under the direction of Adala.


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Narappa is a story of revenge, and the leading man's transformation is reminiscent of Baashha, according to Sangeetha Devi Dhoondoo. The movie explores many different social issues in India, such as caste discrimination and rich vs. poor. The movie's plot is majorly influenced by the real-life Kilvenmani massacre that occurred in the year 1968 in the Kizhavenmani village of Tamil Nadu.


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The high tensions and a chain of events in Ramasagaram and Siripi lead to the miss happenings and issues in the son of an underprivileged farmer killing a rich landowner. Now the question is, Will his father be able to save his family or not?


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The story of the movie involves the retelling of an already super successful story of Asuran. The movie's release is just after the few days of the 36th anniversary of the Karamchedu massacre. The massacre saw the killing of six Dalits which included three Dalit women raped and killed and many displaced by the overlords in the village on July 17. As the massacre remains fresh on the minds of people and so the chain of incidents in the movie leads to pain, bloodshed, and tears.

Narappa, an aging alcoholic farmer who is always ready to turn the other side of the cheek instead of facing the situation boldly and confronting the oppression against him and his peers in the village. The reason for this behavior of Narappa is his two hot-headed sons Munikanna and Sinappa. His son was also unaware of his bitter, painful, and violent past because Narappa can go to any extent to save them.

Pandusami, a rich landlord, wants to grab their three acres of land to set up his cement factory even though he owns most of the land in the village. When Narappa's eldest son Munikanna, egged on by his mother and uncle, refuses to put up the caste disparity in the village. This leads to a chain of events that leads us to see Narappa's efforts and fight to save his family.

To showcase the adaptation of the acclaimed novel by Poomani, Srikanth Addala has come out from his comfort zone of bright and happy family dramas. He stuck truly by the side of the Asuran and has gone away far to remake it scene-to-scene, dialogue-to-dialogue, and frame-to-frame. Without uttering the word caste in most parts of the film, it weighs heavily on the storyline and how the characters are treated.

The caste discrimination can be clearly witnessed in the movie as certain people in the village can be seen how they are treated and how they are not allowed to access the land, water, and even footwear. The Story of Narappa touches the heart as he has lost so much in his life, so he lives in constant fear of losing the piece of paradise he has created for himself. This is the main reason behind Narappa's sorting things amicably rather than standing against the powers.

Most of the part of the film lies on the shoulders of Venkatesh, i.e., Narappa. He also seems to be very comfortable while playing his role as an aging alcoholic patriarch. In the movie, as Narappa, he is constantly underestimated by his peers and his family. But the way he has acted, he just poured life into the scenes. Especially, emotional and fight scenes have a huge demand of Venkatesh as Narappa.

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It may appear a little odd to see him sharing the screen with the young Abhirami. The rest of the cast, such as Karthik Ratnam, Priyamani, Rajeev Kanakala, Rakhi, and so on, have put all their efforts into the movie. The fighting scenes of the movie appear so much familiar with the scenes of Asuran. The music of Mani Sharma in the movie also does its work.

Narappa is overall a great movie that will offer you a roller coaster ride of emotions and thrill. But it can be familiar territory for those who have watched Asuran. The movie, anyhow, manages to speak out its message very loud and clear. Venkatesh's performance as Narappa is not too bad that it will disappoint you. He has tried his level best to do them justice with his part. The movie definitely deserves a chance of a watch!