Tarkarli: A Perfect Weekend Getaway From Mumbai And Goa


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A small hamlet on the shores of the Arabian Sea, in Maharashtra, Tarkarli, is a perfect weekend getaway from Mumbai and Goa. The hamlet is best known for its pristine beaches with sparkling, crystal-clear azure waters and snow-like sand. The village is home to some interesting water sports. To the south of this beautiful hamlet flows the Tarkarli river and hence the village has been named so.

The river is lined with dense forests. This offbeat destination in Maharashtra is a perfect destination to relax far from the hustling and bustling of life. The splendid beauty of the village will leave you in awe. Here, you can find solace with nature and feel the presence and importance of nature at its best. Let’s know a little more about Tarkarli…


Spend some quality time at Tarkarli Beach- 

A visit to Tarkarli is completely incomplete without paying a visit to Tarkarli beach. The beach serves as a paradise for beach lovers. Tarkarli beach is in the district of Sindhudurg of Maharashtra. The beach is at the confluence of the Karli River and the Arabian Sea. Tarkarli beach is perfect to spend some quality time while enjoying some amazing adventurous and thrilling water sports. The beach is a pristine natural beauty and has a unique charm of its own.

You will get a perfect tranquil atmosphere all around the beach. The best part that makes this beach even more interesting and magical is the occasional spotting of dolphins and turtles. Witnessing the sunset from the beach is a magical and mesmerizing experience. The beauty of the beach gets enhanced by the diffused light of dusk. The beach is indeed a natural heaven of serenity.

Witness Karli Backwaters- 

How can one miss witnessing the Karli Backwaters while being in Tarkarli. The area hosts a stunning view of backwaters and the Karli river meets the Arabian Sea near the Karli Creek. Here, you can enjoy a boat ride up the river. Here the water hides the turmoil within. This can only be spotted if a dolphin comes up. The banks of the river are covered with dense green forests. It is a perfect area to feel the essence of nature and lose yourself in its amazing views and serenity.

Feel the beauty of nature at Deobagh- 


The name of this beautiful garden literally translates to ‘God’s Garden. It I basically an outgrown village and comprises mostly a vast community of Hindu fisher-men. These fisher-men, however, replace it with their fishing activities with tourism and give their boats on rent for the sea tours. The village takes you closer to nature and here you can also watch so many birds flocking. Also, you can here relish the delicious seafood that too at very low prices.

Pay a visit to Dhampur Lake-

dhampur lake

It is a perfect place to spend some quality and romantic time with your loved one. Here you can go for a boat ride in still and calm water, enjoying the beauty and serenity of nature all around. Also, if you are lucky enough and get clear pleasant weather, you can witness the sea bed here too. The lake is spread in an area of 10 acres and includes so many adventurous and engaging water sports, delicious eateries, and significant sources of entertainment. Also, there is a Bhagwati temple that is surrounded by greenery all around.

Know about the Magnificent history of the village at Sindhudurg Fort- 

sindhugarh fort

Apart from nature, Tarkarli posses a magnificent history too. This history can be witnessed well in Sindhudurg Fort. The fort was built by the great Maratha warrior, Chhatrapati Shivaji. The architecture and construction of the fort are literally amazing and a sight to behold.

Offer prayers at Shivchhatrapatti Temple- 

The temple is built in the Sindhudurg Fort only and that too by the son of Maratha warrior Chhatrapati Shivaji, Rajaram. The temple is dedicated to Shivaji Maharaj and holds great religious importance in the place. Here you can also find the footprints and palm prints of Shivaji Maharaj on a lime preserved slab on the tower just near the Dilli Gate.

Enjoy the Nature of Tsunami Island- 

It is one of the amazing places to visit in Tarkarli. It is an island cum beach that has been formed amid the river. It is a perfect place for both the beach lover and nature seekers as it can serve the needs of both and that too so well. The only option to reach the island is by boat. The island offers a plethora of activities to its tourists, such as kayaking, jet-skiing, banana and bumper boat, and so on.

Devbaugh Beach- 

Another amazing place to pay a visit to in Tarkarli is Devbaugh Beach. The beach is near Tarkarli, where the Kari river and Arabian sea meet. Tarkarli beach is given with lush green vegetation and is mostly visited by the people that need some moments of solitude or just want to laze under the golden sunshine. The beach is indeed an amazing place to pay a visit to in Tarkarli.