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Delhi High Court

The Delhi High Court was established on 31st October 1966 with a total of four judges. The first four judges of the Delhi High Court were Chief Justice K.S. Hegde, Justice I.D. Dua, Justice H.R. Khanna and Justice S.K. Kapur. Like all other High Courts across the country, the High Court of Delhi is the principal civil court of the state. The Chief Justice of Delhi High Court has been pleased to make amendments in Delhi High Court Establishme~t (Appointment and Conditions of Service) Rules, 1972" and "Delhi High Court Staff (Senidrity) Rules, 1971". It is situated at Shershah Road, Justice SB Marg, New Delhi. The current chief justice of the Delhi High Court is Justice Gita Mittal. Justice Dhirubhai Naranbhai Mittal is the incumbent Chief Justice and the court has a strength of 60 with 45 permanent judges and 15 additional judges. It was on 21st March 1919 that the High Court of Judicature at Lahore was established with jurisdiction over the provinces of Punjab and Delhi. This jurisdiction lasted until the partition of India in 1947. 

Interesting facts

According to a report released between 2006 and 2008, the Delhi High Court has so many pending cases that it would take 466 years to resolve them all. However, the High Court did something unthinkable between 2008-10, disposing 94,000 cases at the rate of a case every 5 minutes. It also had a Himachal Pradesh Bench at Shimla in a building called Ravenswood. The High Court of Delhi continued to exercise jurisdiction over Himachal Pradesh until the State of Himachal Pradesh Act, 1970 was enforced on 25th January, 1971. 

Delhi is the only Union Territory in the country that has its own High Court.