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Icc World Cup 2019

ICC Cricket World Cup

The ICC Cricket World Cup is one of the most viewed matches in the field of Cricket, which is governed by the International Cricket Council and is held once every four years. The first World Cup was held in England in 1975, the country referred to as the founder of Cricket. 

First Cricket Cup held in England

The first three World Cup matches were held in England itself but after the 1987 tournament, the members of ICC decided to host the world cup rotational under an unofficial system, so that each of the members can at least host the tournament once. 

The tournament welcomes all the members of the ICC, however, the highest-ranking team gets an automatic qualification and the rest need to compete through the World Cricket League and the ICC World Cup qualifier. 

Australia won the trophy maximum times

So far, Australia has won the World Cup maximum times and that is five times. While India and West Indies have won the tournament two times. However, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and England have won the trophy once. 

England Wins 2019 World Cup

Now, talking about recently held 2019 World Cup, this time 10 teams participated in the tournament, unlike the previous world cup of 2015, which featured fourteen teams. England hosted the 2019 World Cup and also emerged as the winner of the trophy for the first time, defeating challenger New Zealand. 

India to host 2023 World Cup

The next World Cup tournament will be held in 2023 and India is supposed to host the prestigious tournament. India and Pakistan hosted the World Cup in 1987, it was the first time, that the tournament was hosted outside England. The ICC’s executive committee members votes for the country, hosting the tournament after observing the other countries’ interest to host the tournament.