The Modi government is focused on fostering research on emerging technology such as metal-ion and metal-air batteries. To minimize reliance on lithium-ion batteries, a market is controlled by China.

Who all are contributing?
In this respect, the Ministry of Road Transport aims to carry out studies in organizations such as the Defense Research Development Organization (DRDO), the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), and the IIT, Kanpur.

Why we needed this step?
Minister Nitin Gadkari stressed earlier in January the need to evolve as pioneers in leading battery and power innovations.

What good will it do?
Lithium is a lesser occurring metal in the universe, so a metal-ion battery or metal-air battery will work even better. These can be made from scrap.

This is an environmental step by the government! To take on wasting material and recycle.

Is it worth it?
This will become a significant breakthrough in the energy sector. As the world is turning towards electric vehicles, India will become a battery production leader and grow its GDP.

How will China be affected?
India will make cheaper batteries, focusing to firstly remove China’s dependency on Batteries, and later emerge as the leader in battery manufacturing.