Where did this happen
At least 14 people are killed, and more than 150 are missing Sunday after a glacier bursts in the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand and smashed through two hydroelectric dams, prompting fatal flash floods along the river Alaknanda.

Why this happened
Scientists do not know what caused the sudden water surge near Chamoli in Uttarakhand on Sunday morning, a glacial lake burst, a cloud burst or an avalanche, the impact of climate change.

What is all affected?
A tunnel at the NTPC hydro project operated by the state was clogged with garbage.
The Rishiganga Power station, a smaller hydroelectric dam on the river in Chamoli, was inundated by the avalanche.
Flash floods then surged 5 kilometres downstream on the river Dhauli Ganga and affected the Tapovan Dam, a much larger hydro project operated by the NTPC.

Plan of Action
ITBP is on a rescue mission, and saved few people, and search for more underway.

The army is on the move to a rescue mission. Several people are saved.
DRDO scientists sent to analyze the situation of why this happened.
People near the affected region are asked to evacuate and stay calm. 

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