1. On June 19, around 8 pm, Bennix got to know that his father Jayraj had been picked up by the police. Bennix rushed to the police station for the inquire. Three days later, police told Bennix’s peers that duo passed away at the Kovilpatti Government Hospital, around 100 kilometers from their town.

2. As per police report, two constables were on patrolling duty on June 19 around 9.15 PM and they found Bennix’s shop was open after the curfew time. Bennix, Jayarah, and a few other friends were standing outside the shop. Police told them to disperse. While others went away Jayraj and Bennix sat on the ground and abused the police verbally and rolled on the ground. In this, they suffered internal injuries.

3. When threatened to beat and kill the policeman, the duo was brought to the police station and FIR was registered around 10 pm. However, eyewitnesses say that Bennix and his father were not brought to the station together and that in fact the son was arrested later.

4. According to a report in the New Indian Express, those standing outside the station when Bennix and Jayaraj were inside heard the police shout ‘You dare speak against the police’. Eyewitnesses also alleged that once sub-inspector Raghuganesh arrived at the station, the violence escalated.

5. Jayaraj’s daughter and Bennix’s sister told media persons on June 24 that the policemen had pushed her father by his neck to the floor and beaten him. When Bennix questioned the police why they were beating our father, the police hit him also. The police then thrashed them both for almost two hours, locking the door.

6. Percy alleged that the policemen had attacked her brother in the anus. She named eight policemen and four police volunteers, accusing them of beating her father and brother in the police station.

7. While the police did not admit the use of any kind of force on Jayraj and Bennix, the Thoothukudi police suspended two sub-inspectors in the Sathankulam station. Appearing before the Madras High Court, Thoothukudi Superintendent of Police Arun Balagopalan stated that disciplinary action has been initiated against the two constables.

8. After demands for justice grew louder, on June 24, a bench ordered the Superintendent of Police, Thoothukudi to inquire into the incident and submit a status report. The court ordered that jail records, the postmortem report, and CCTV footage from the police station and the jail be preserved and submitted on June 30, when the next hearing in the case is scheduled.

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