1.Learn about the basics of Photography
Shooting with a phone does not change the basic rules of Photography viz. composition, framing, perspective, etc. There are many online resources that may help to get started. As such, there is no hard and fast rule, but following the general guidelines would help you immensely to get better results.

2. Click lots of Photographs
The more you click, the faster you improve. Learn from your mistakes. See what you did wrong in the previous Photo, or what you could have done better. Make clicking a habit. There are lots of things around us in nature as well as objects which can make an interesting subject with a fresh point of view.

3. Keep your hands still while taking Photo
Most smartphones don’t come with an inbuilt motion stabilizer which means even the slightest handshake or vibration may cause blurred images. Look for an object around on which you can put your phone for support.

4. Do not use Digital zoom
Do not use the digital zoom feature. What your phone does that it just magnifies the pixels, which means there is no additional data in the pixels. You can achieve the same thing by taking a normal photo and zooming and cropping the image.

5.Composition, Background, and Perspective
There are many rules of composition like Rules of Third, Golden Ratio, etc. Rule of thirds is most popular. Avoid distracting backgrounds behind your subject. This will help to contain the focus of the viewer’s eye on the subject.

6. Lighting
Lighting is one of the most important aspects of photography. Utilize the natural and artificial sources of light in the best possible way. Generally, the flash on the phone camera is not very strong and may also give a yellow color cast on the subject.

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