1. The river was brought to the world’s attention by a scientist Andrés Ruzo who believed that the legendary geothermal formation couldn’t possibly be real.

2. The name of the river is Shanay-timpishka, which means boiled with the heat of the sun in the language of the area’s inhabitants.

3. The geoscientist says the heat of the air coming off the river is so intense that you can feel it burning in your nose and your lungs.

4. At its widest, it is 82ft (25 metres), and around 20ft (six metres) deep. The water is hot enough to brew tea and, in some parts, it boils over.

5. The river was discovered in the Mayantuyacu region of central Peru.

6. The river is in the heart of the rainforest can reach temperatures of 100°C and is so hot that it BOILS its victims alive.

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