1. Chinese virologist, who is reportedly in hiding, claimed that she has scientific evidence that proves that COVID-19 was made in a lab in China.

2. She said that she did some of the earliest research into COVID-19 last year and revealed the information during an interview.

3. Dr. Yan claims that the virus came for the lab in Wuhan and the lab is controlled by China’s government.

4. She said, “The first thing is the [meat] market in Wuhan…is a smokescreen and this virus is not from nature.”

5.Yan said that her former supervisors at the Hong Kong School of Public Health which is a reference laboratory for WHO told her to keep quiet when she alerted authorities about human-to-human transmission in December last year.

6. She said that she wants everyone to know about the virus’s origination. She claimed, “I know if I don’t tell the truth to the world, I will be regretful.”

7. She has also stated that before she fled China, her info was wiped from govt. databases. “They deleted my info & recruited people to spread rumors about me, that I’m a liar.

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