1. Proud to be desi
Internet users in India are now idolizing national celebrities and personalities more.

2. Speak my bhasha, respect my identity
Although many early internet adopters were urbanized, English-speaking Indians, increasing accessibility to local vernacular content online means Indians are gaining a new sense of pride and connection to their native languages.
Just 16% of users would choose to watch video in English over their native language.

3. Balancing ‘we’ and ‘me’
Desiring more space and time to themselves, India’s early internet users were putting their personal and professional needs over the needs of their families. But this left them feeling disconnected. Today, one of the top four reasons Indian watch online video is to connect and bond with people.

4. Never too late to learn
New internet users have a strong desire to learn and the internet is fueling their desire to learn.

5. Watch her go! Independent everyday
The internet has broadened horizons for women across India, giving them unprecedented access to information while empowering them to be independent and explore new possibilities they never had before. Study shows that Indian women with early access to the internet are prioritizing their professional careers, renting their own apartments and travelling on their own.

6. Entertainment – for me, by me
More than half of India’s online video viewers watch de-stress, enjoy, and fill time. These users escape by watching movies and TV shows on streaming platforms or consuming short, snackable videos online. More than 85% of consumers watch YouTube to relax and unwind.

7. 100% authentic
For years, early internet adopters have presented carefully curated online personas, but there’s increasing pressure to share more authentic versions of themselves online. Today, all kinds of early internet users — from celebrities to CMOs — are learning to navigate this new challenge. On the other hand, new internet users have presented more authentic online personas from the very beginning.

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