1. In the 1960s, factory workers and truck drivers in Thailand were known for having extremely long and tiring work hours.

2. So, a Chinese businessman Chaleo Yoovidha developed a rather unique tonic for them. It was loaded with caffeine, taurine, and Carbohydrates. He named it Krathin Daeng, which roughly translated to Red Bull.

3. A while later, Yoovidha sold some to his colleague Dietrich Mateschitz, the international marketing director for a German toothpaste-maker. Mateschitz absolutely loved it.

4. Dietrich Mateschitz decided to tie up with Yoovidha and take Red Bull to Europe. But the drink initially bombed. People didn’t like the taste and complained of its sticky mouthfeel.

5. But Mateschitz didn’t give up. He was convinced that Red Bull would gain success with the youth. His assumption was that many hardcore clubbers did not like to do hardcore drugs, and would go for an alternate energy booster.

6. Mateschitz paid students, DJs and young opinion formers to host parties where the drink was served. To create an exclusive, underground feel for Red Bull, he restricted supply and didn’t advertise. And soon enough, the drink went viral.

7. At present, Redbull tops the energy drink market with over 7 billion cans sold every year!

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