So far India has tested over 2.74 lakh samples of more than 2.54 lakh people. By this calculation, India has a testing ratio of 211 per million of its population.

Country-Wise Testing (Per Million)
Germany: 15,730
Italy: 14,114
South Korea: 10,564
USA: 9,941
India: 211

ICMR has countered the reports of India’s low testing rates by claiming that the number of tests in India is more than in other countries if we go by the parameter of the test conducted to detect on the positive case.

Tests Per Positive Case
India: 24
Japan: 11.7
Italy: 6.7
USA: 5.3
UK: 3.4

Currently, India is testing those people who have influenza-like symptoms, whereas, countries like Iceland and South Korea have offered it to anyone.

ICMR proposes to conduct one lakh test daily by conducting tests around the clock. However, this only possible by May 31.

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