1. Drainage System
Indore’s drainage system is known for its efficiency. The system can prevent waterlogging even during the rainy season. The drains are believed to never get choked as roads and streets of the city are free of solid waste.

2. Sewerage System
Indore is one of the open-defection-free cities in India. The city’s three treatment plants with the tertiary treatment of chlorination are responsible for treating 350 million liters of the domestic sewage flow every day.

3. Maintenance Expenditure
The annual expenditure of Indore’s total sanitation is Rs. 550 crores. The city’s residents pay this amount in the form of user charges, which is deposited online on a regular basis.

4. Wedding Wow In Indore Has 8 Pledges
Traditional Indian weddings are solemnized with seven pledges but in Indore, an eighth pledge was added in the wedding rituals. The newlyweds administer the oath of cleanliness. Dustbins are distributed during wedding ceremonies in Indore.

5. Making Compost From The Waste products
Many localities adopted another method to keep the area clean. Close to 750 families in Lokmanya Nagar are in the business of making compost from terracotta posts.

6. Door-To-Door Garbage Collection Mode
This changed the way garbage was disposed off in the city. Previously. This strategy made people start cleaning their homes and shops to handover garbage to municipal workers.

7. Dustbin on the wheels
One of the most irritating sights on most of the roads in India is people spitting. To ensure this doesn’t happen in Indore people started carrying small dustbins in their cars. This also made people not to throw their waste on the streets.

8. Night cleaning
Just like any other worker in any other city, Indore too made its municipal workers clean the streets in the morning, but seems like that wasn’t how things worked for the city. To make cleaning its priority, the workers made sure to collect garbage from shops in the evening and clean the markets at night.

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