1. India, currently, is witnessing a decline in fresh COVID cases while also registering the lowest fatality rate.

2. Experts have suggested that India, in all probability, has passed the coronavirus peak in September, while some also adding that the country may witness a spike in cases once winter sets in.

3. Niti Aayog Member VK Paul told news agency PTI that possibility of a second wave of infections in the winter season.

4. Russia and the United Kingdom are experiencing the second wave of Covid-19 aggravated by winter. Hence, the possibility of a second wave cannot be ruled out.

5. While there is no confirmation on this, Covid-19 is likely to function like other flu viruses which thrive in winter conditions.

6. Studies have mentioned that all respiratory pandemics such as the Spanish Flu, Asian Flu, Hong Kong Flu witnessed a second wave of infections within six months.

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