Don’t to prevent COVID-19 stigma

1. Never spread names/identities of those affected or under quarantine on social media.

2. Avoid spreading fear & panic; do not label any community/area for the spread of COVID-19.

3. Do not target healthcare & sanitary workers or police, they are there to help you

4.Address the patient as ‘people recovering from corona’ rather than COVID victims

Do’s to prevent COVID-19 stigma

1.Appreciate & be supportive to people providing essential services

2.Share only authentic information from Govt sources, Health Ministry & WHO

3.Cross-check any information related to COVID-19 from reliable sources before sharing

4. Share positive stories of those who have recovered from Coronavirus

Standing together against COVID-19 stigma

1. People affected with COVID-19 like recovered patients & frontline workers may face discrimination due to fear & misinformation

2. Empowering people with health literacy is needed to counter prejudices & discrimination

3. Anyone can be infected but most people recover from it; patient & family needs our support

4. Targeting those rendering selfless service will only weaken our fight against COVID-19

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