1. The moon is more important than we realize, if it disappeared, it would be the ultimate demise of this world. 

2. The Moon holds Earth’s 23.5-degree tilt steady, without it the planet will begin to tremble and it will result in dramatic and drastic climate change. It could range from no seasons to extreme seasons.  

3. Without the moonlight at night, darkness will prevail. Predators will find it hard to hunt in the absence of moonlight and rodents will thrive. 

4. Moon is also responsible for the moments of tides; a two-thirds reduction in tides would severely change coastal ecosystems, even destroying many of them. 

5.Tidal movements drive ocean current which is decisive in directing global weather, in their absence regional temperatures will become extreme. 

6.Moon is responsible for slowing down the axis of the Earth meaning in its absence the day will become shorter and shorter until they are eventually only 4 hours a day. 

7. Humanity will lose an important source of inspiration, motivation, and scientific research if the moon is gone; fortunately, there is no evidence of it disappearing anytime soon. 

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