1. Disable persons face multiple challenges in India.

2.  In India, the population with disabilities is around 26.8 million, constituting 2.21% of India’s total population, if one goes by the 2011 population census data.

3. Persons with disabilities constitute a significant part of the Indian population. Their numbers are more than the total population of many countries in the world, and India has one of the highest numbers of people with disabilities globally.

4. As per 2011 population census, 20% of persons with disabilities in India have a disability in movement, 19% have a disability in seeing, 19% have a disability in hearing and 8% have multiple disabilities.

5. Since the inception of Rights to Persons With Disabilities Act, 2016, there have been many instances of faulty implementation of disability reservation.

6. India Has a Long Road Ahead to Combat Challenges Faced by Persons With Disabilities. There needs to be a shift from a charity-based approach to a rights-based approach.

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