1.  The 93rd Academy Awards are finalized to be held. Originally scheduled for 28th February the date of this Oscar season has been pushed forward to 25th April 2021.

2.  The Oscars have the possibility of being an Emmys-like virtual award ceremony. Organizing a ceremony will be an achievement in itself.

3.  Chadwick Boseman is now in the running for Posthumous Best Actor Award and many have prophesized that he is certain to win.    

4.  The current reigning champion South Korea has named its nomination as The Man Standing Next for the international feature.

5.  Another prediction has announced a scarcity of big-budget films. Many anticipated releases have been postponed, meaning some blockbusters will sit he season out until they opt for a digital release

6.  Netflix will possibly gain more space in the award ceremonies. Categories are too expected to be diverse than ever.

7.  One thing is sure, however, that nothing will look the same this season.  

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