1. Set up your workspace

Find an area in your home that’s conducive to working, whether it’s a desk or the couch. Just make sure it allows you to stay focused.

2. Stick to your routine

Wake up early, take a shower, have breakfast, or a cup of coffee. This helps prepare your mind and body for a productive day of working.

3. Have a to-do list

Before your start, list down your priorities for the day. Set pockets of time to complete your tasks and make sure you stick to your schedule.

4. Communicate

Check-in with your boss and colleagues from time to time. Update them on your schedule and deliverables, specially if there are any changes.

5. Take breaks

The key is balance. Give yourself enough time during the day to walk away from your computer screen and phone. Move around, take a step back, and don’t forget to clock out at the end of your shift.

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