1. According to a survey conducted by the Global Times & China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations, Over 70% of the Chinese believed that India was being too hostile to them.

2. As per the survey, 90% of the Chinese supported their government’s “retaliation against Indian provocations”.

3. In the survey, nearly 50 percent of the respondents also said that India was too dependent on China economically, while 70 percent of people said that the anti-China sentiment in India was too excessive.

4. On the boycott of Chinese goods in India, 35.3 percent of the participants said that they were very angry about it and that China should take reciprocal measures.

5. 29.3 percent of the participants in the survey said that India was not serious about the boycott and it should be ignored.

6. According to the survey, India was fourth on the list of China’s “most favorable neighbors” after Russia, Pakistan, and Japan.

7. On the long-term future of bilateral relations between the two countries, the survey stated that 25 percent of the participants thought that it would improve, while 10 percent believed it would not.  

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