1. Tokyo Olympics 2020
For the first time in history, the summer Olympics were postponed for something other than war. The Olympics have been officially postponed to summer 20201.

2. The Met Gala 2020
The Metropolitan Museum of Art canceled the fundraising event of the year, Met gala 2020 due to the pandemic.

3. 2020 Wimbledon Championships
Scheduled between June 29 and July 12, this prestigious Grand Slam tennis tournament was canceled for the first time since 1945 when it did not take place due to the World WarII.

4. Cannes 2020
The Cannes Film Festival which celebrates movies from around the world was canceled and postponed to 2021. However, the festival does plan on selecting movies for streaming.

5. 2020 Gay Pride Parades Worldwide
The pride parades held globally have been canceled and instead the pride marches were celebrated virtually.

6. Coachella 2020
Originally postponed to October, the music festival was completely canceled by the order of public health officials.

7.Google I/O
One of the most important annual events of Google, Google I/O has been canceled due to the spread of Coronavirus.

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