1. In Tamil Nadu, a mob of upper-caste men killed three people belonging to the Dalit community because they were sitting crossed-legged.

2. A 13-year-old Dalit boy was attacked because he was wearing a pair of “mojris”-leather shoes traditionally seen as royal footwear and worn by upper-caste members.

3. A Dalit man was beaten to death in Gujarat because he was watching a Garba event in 2017.

4. 40 Dalit families face social boycott in Odisha because a Dalit plucked flowers from an upper-caste man’s garden.

5. A Dalit man was killed because he sat on a chair and was eating in front of upper-caste men at a wedding celebration.

6. A Dalit woman was beaten to death by a 30-year-old man after her goats digressed in his field at Datauli village in Uttar Pradesh.

7. A young Dalit farmer was ruthlessly beaten to death because he had the ‘audacity’ to own and ride a horse.

8. Three minor Dalit boys were stripped, beaten, and paraded naked in a village in Maharashtra’s Jalgaon district because they were found swimming in a village well.

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