1. The richest 10% of the Indian population accounted for 52% of the carbon emissions.

2. In 2017, the wealth of the richest one percent increased by Rs 20,913 billion. This amount is equivalent to the total budget of the Central Government in 2017-18.

3. It would take around 17.5 days for the best-paid executive at a top Indian garment company to earn what a minimum wage worker in rural India will earn in their lifetime.

4. Marginalised caste groups such as SCs, STs, and OBCs earn much less than the national household income average of Rs 1,13,222.

5. Over 42 per cent of the agriculture labour force are women yet 83 per cent of agriculture land in the country is inherited by male members of the family.

6. India’s top 10 per cent of the population gets 73 per cent of the wealth.

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