largest creature, largest animal, aspen grove

An aspen grove is the biggest known living creature.

largest creature, largest animal, aspen grove

Pando (Latin meaning "I stretch out") is a collection of genetically similar quaking aspens with a linked root system found in Utah. It is believed to be 80,000 years old and covers more than 100 acres.

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ocean facts, ocean discovery, ocean exploration

80 percent of the ocean remains undiscovered.

color of earth, purple earth, old earth

Purple used to be the color of the Earth.

freshwater, water, glaciers, freshwater facts, freshwater glaciers, icebergs

Glaciers and ice sheets store around 69% of the world's freshwater.

Earthquake, Earthquake facts, Earthquake strength, strongest Earthquake

Fact! An Earthquake of Magnitude 12 Would Split the Earth in Half

arctic, antartica, icecap, american, southpole

The North Pole Is Much Warmer Than The South Pole.

Ocean, ocean fact, ocean facts, ocean oxygen, oxygen facts, oxygen fact

Our oceans cover more than 70 per cent of the Earth’s surface.

aquatic, earth, marine, species, outnumber, aquaticlife, oceans, waterbodies,

The majority of life on Earth is aquatic.

aquatic, earth, marine, species, outnumber, aquaticlife, oceans, waterbodies, mountain, submerged, m

The world’s longest mountain chain is underwater

unitedstates, submerged, underwater, ocean, exist, aquatic, earth, marine, species, outnumber, aquat

Around 50 percent of the US lies beneath the ocean.

small fraction earth humans

Human beings can use only a small fraction of Earth’s water

earth gold

There’s enough gold inside Earth to coat the planet

prototaxites, prototaxites stellaviatori, prototaxites fossil, prototaxites size, prototaxites heigh

Before trees, Earth was home to fungi that grew 26 feet tall

apple ipod, ipod first gen, ipod 1st gen

The First iPod Included A Hidden Easter Egg

mcdonalds hot dog

Did you Know? McDonalds Started with Hot Dogs not Burgers

In Search of Lost Time, longest novel

"In Search of Lost Time" is the Longest Novel ever Created


Pangrams are sentences that contain every Alphabet

largest parrot, largest bird

Did you Know? The Largest Parrot of the World Can’t Fly.

Bay Psalm, most expensive book, expensive books

Bay Psalm is the most expensive Book ever Sold

McDonald's, McDonalds India, McDonalds India menu, McDonalds menu

In India McDonald’s has to change its entire menu to remain competitive

zygodactyl, parrots feet, parrots facts, wild facts

Parrots are the only birds who Can Eat With Their Feet.

snake nose, snakes tongue

Snakes use their tongues to smell.

hashtag, hashtag term, word for hashtag

An Octothorpe is a technical term for the hashtag sign.

solar power, solar powered snakes

They are "solar-powered," meaning they are entirely dependent on external heat or sources of light.

elephants, elephant facts, elephant trunks

Trunks of Elephant have mad skills.