Fun Facts Biology

bed bugs, bed bugs facts, facts about bed bugs, facts about dinosaur, dinosaur facts

Fun Fact! Bed bugs are as old as dinosaurs

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Fun Fact! Female Body has lower resistance to alcohol.

human body facts, human facts, atoms facts, human, slugs, slugs dna

Did you Know? Humans and slugs have many characteristics.

sneeze, sneeze facts, sneeze speed, sneeze strength

Fun Fact! Your sneeze is really strong.

menstrual pain, mens menstrual pain

Fact! There is such a thing as male PMS. Premenstrual syndrome

creative writing, athletics, brain function

Creative Writing is similar to professional athletics.

digestion, human digestion, razor blade in stomach, digestion process, digestion acids

Razor blades may be dissolved in the human stomach.

Nerve Cells, love nerve cells, nerve cells facts, nerve cell regeneration

Nerve cells are capable of regeneration.

eyesight, human vision, human vision facts, candle facts, human vision fact

Human vision can detect a burning candle from a distance of 27 miles in complete darkness.

weight loss, weight loss facts, how to to lose weight easily

When you are chilly, shivering helps you lose weight.

hair tissue, hair growth, hair facts, human body facts

Hair is the fastest growing tissue other than the bone marrow...

human body facts, human facts, atoms facts

The majority of the atoms in our bodies are formed of billions of years old stardust.

tooth decay, chocolate helps decay

Chocolate can help in preventing tooth decay.

tongue, taste buds, tongue taste buds

A Tongue has between 2,000 and 4,000 taste buds.

einstein, einstein brain, einstein death

When Einstein died, his brain was stolen.

tongue, tongue facts, human body facts, average tongue

The Average Tongue is about 3 inches long.