Interesting Facts In Physics

Comrade Kim Ju Meok

Comrade Kim Ju Meok loves Stairway to Heaven

KFC Japan

The traditional Christmas Eve meal is KFC

seal japan

Everyone has their own seal

oldest cave

One of the India's oldest cave collection in Madhya Pradesh

Treasure hunt space

There is a treasure hunt happening in the space.

arsenic improve skin

People once ate arsenic to improve their skin

lime lemon

Limes float, but lemons sink.

cleopatra egypt mark antony

Mark antony bring egyption sand turkey to cover an entire beach for cleaopatra

Niels Bohr, Niels Bohr facts, Niels Bohr dream, structure of atom, atom

In a dream, Niels Bohr glimpsed the structure of atoms.

newton, isaac newton, isaac newton apple, apple newton, newton facts, isaac newton facts

The apple did not fall on Newton's head.