1. Root vegetables
Root vegetables like carrots, beets, potatoes, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, turnips and radish that grow underground are excellent for winters. Rich in Vitamin C, these vegetables boost immunity.

2. Protein Diet
Protein is an essential body requirement in winters. No wonder, traditional winter foods include groundnuts, broken wheat, sesame seeds, and dry fruits. Beans, lentils, milk and milk products are good sources of protein.

3. Ghee
Ghee is a vital food in any Ayurvedic diet. It helps to assimilate the nutrients and maintain the healthy gut bacteria that promote digestion. This healthy fat needs to be consumed in just the required quantities.

4. Fibre
Fibre or the roughage is essential to optimise the digestive function in the winters. The many varieties of beans, legumes, green vegetables grains are good sources of fibre. Millets like bajra and Makki can also provide roughage.

5. Herbs and Spices
Cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, turmeric, nutmeg, cloves, black pepper, carrom seeds, kalonji or onion seeds. are great for winters.

6. Vitamin D
Sitting in the sun in winters is a pleasure and wonderful for getting adequate vitamin D. It keeps the aches and pains away and also enhances digestion.

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