1.Phobias and fears are not the same things. Phobia is an overwhelming and irrational fear attached to an object or situation.

2. There are more than 400 types of phobias, including fear of cheese, fear of beautiful women and even nomophobia (the fear of not having your mobile phone).

3. Phobias can be both inherited and passed down through DNA. Individuals with a parent or close relative with a specific fear are likely to develop the same fear.

4. People with phobias are not cowards in fact Alexander The Great, Adolf Hitler and Napoleon all suffered the same phobia, ailurophobia or the phobia of cats.  

5. People with phobias, mainly social phobia, may also have troubles with substance abuse. Hence it is often important to seek treatment in these cases but social humiliation often ends up stopping them.

6. 75% of phobias can be cured using CBT. Sadly only 20% of people seek treatment for phobias even if it begins to disrupt their lives.