1. As ironic as it might sound, Bihar, which is supposed to be a dry state, where liquor is banned has a higher proportion of people consuming alcohol than states like Maharashtra and Goa.

2. According to the National Family Health Survey 2019-20, the southern state of Telangana has the highest number of men consuming alcohol at 43.3 % followed by Sikkim at 39.8 %.

3. According to the NFHS-5, 15.5 percent of the male population of age 15 years and above in Bihar consume alcohol.

4. In Goa, around 36.9 percent of the men aged 15 years and above consume alcohol while in Maharashtra, it was 13.9 percent.

5. Though 15.5 percent may not sound much, compared to other states, Bihar has been a dry state since 2016 when the Nitish Kumar government banned the sale and consumption of liquor there.

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