1. 80-Year-Old coolie at Lucknow station helping migrants for free

Mujibullah is providing free services to migrants at railway stations. Mujibullah is working 8-10 hours daily and can still lift 50 kgs at the age of 80.

2. Locals in Bihar offer food to passengers of Assam-bound Shramik train

The locals in Bihar’s Begusarai rushed to a stationary train to offer foodstuffs to the passengers.

3. Punjab Cop’s TikTok video helps reunite man with Family in Telangana

A Punjab policeman’s TikTok video has helped reunite a missing man with his family. Punjab police constable Ajaib Singh shared a video of his interaction with R Venkateshwarlu on the video streaming platform in March.

4. 81-Year-Old Sikh man’s free langar is a blessing to weary humans as well as animals

Baba Karnail Singh Khaira set up a langar service on National Highway-7 to feed the needy. A regular ‘langar’ for years, it was only from the March 24 lockdown that it became a savior for thousands of hungry people including stranded migrants, travelers, truckers, and villagers

5. The auto driver sets up a community kitchen in COVID-affected areas

Employment opportunities have dried up for the slum’s migrant workers and laborers residents in the Cheetah camp, a 35-year old auto-rickshaw driver Salim Sheikh has set up a community kitchen that prepares meals for at least 200-300 residents every day.

6. Jyoti Kumari starts cycling trial training

The 15-year old, who cycled 1200 kms from Gurugram to Darbhanga in Bihar with her ailing father during the ongoing national lockdown has started training at the Cycling Federation of India.