Things around us keep changing at a rapid pace. Each day the fashion trends, technologies, and the entire world changes. You will be well aware of the fact that change is inevitable. Therefore, staying updated with the changes in the world is very much important in both the personal life and career life of a human being. And thankfully, there is no scarcity for the news source these days.

You have mediums such as television, newspapers and the internet, but when comparing all of these, the internet can be considered as the best medium for getting the latest news as it has all the advantages of the television news and at the same time has most advantages of newspapers as well. Besides, more and more people now prefer to get the latest and best news online via short news.

You will now find several websites that select the best news from multiple national as well as international sources and summarise them in a short news format. Moreover, you not only get the option just to read the news, but you can also view video content and stay updated with the current happenings. Below mentioned are some of the key features of short news which makes it a better option over other news mediums:

•Firstly, the hectic life of people nowadays does not leave them with enough time to read a newspaper or sit in front of a TV set and get updated with the latest news. But with the help of short news, they get the option of browsing through 70-word summarised news online from iPhone News Apps and get updated on the trending news in a short time.

•Some people may find it boring to read a newspaper as the news articles there are lengthy and require a handful of time to read. Hence, people find accessing the latest news via short news a quick and more convenient option.

•Short news covers news from categories such as sports, business, start-ups, technology, automobile, politics, entertainment, travel, science, fashion and much more to make sure that you always get the most important and breaking news of the day all at one place.

•Shorts news Apps includes information that is collected from reliable sources. Hence, you can stay rest assured and always get relevant and trustworthy content in short news.

•Unlike the news updates in the newspapers and TV, shorts news is updated every second. Thus, you get fast-paced and breaking news and other content quickly via short news.

•Short news lets you search and find any recent or old news by simply typing the desired keyword in the search option which is otherwise not possible in newspaper and television.

•You get the latest news personalized in both, English and Hindi languages. As a result, you feel more comfortable while reading the short news in your language.

Therefore, if you want to stay up to date with the news but struggle to find the time, then the short news Apps is the right option for you. It allows you to get quick and specific news update which means that there is no excuse left for not knowing what is going on in the world.

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