1 ) According to IMF China will grow by 8.2% next year while the US is expected to grow at 3.1%. 

2) With the pandemic in force, global growth outputs are likely to change. In estimation, China will account for 27.7% of worldwide growth. 

3) 15 major economies will account for 72% of global growth in the year 2021. 

4) The five nations with the highest numbers of covid death are expected to incur a GDP loss of $1.8 trillion. These nations are the U.S, Brazil, India, Mexico, and U.K. 

5) Extreme poverty is expected to rise after almost two decades that might cause a drastic decline in living standards. 

6) Russia the 9th largest expected contributor in 2021 will rise to number 5 in the next five years. 

7) Output and growth are expected to remain below 2019 for all economies except China where it is likely to exceed.  

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