1. An existing elephant rehabilitation facility in Kerala is all set to be expanded and made into the largest of its kind anywhere in the world for jumbos.

2. The Elephant Rehabilitation Centre at Kottur in Thiruvananthapuram is set to become the largest care-and-cure centre for pachyderms in the world with upgraded features and facilities.

3. The facility is upgraded with an aim to give the elephants that come to the rehabilitation centre a natural ecosystem just like in the forest, official sources said.

4. The first phase of the Elephant Rehabilitation Centre will be commissioned in February 2021. The project is being implemented at a cost of Rs 108 crore with funding from Kerala Infrastructure Investment Fund Board (KIIFB).

5. Under the new initiative, there will be the construction of various reservoirs and check dams at the Neyyar Dam and also special facilities for the care of elephant calves at the centre that is spread across 176 hectares of forest land.

6. Special facilities would be provided for collection and disposal of solid wastes including non-recyclable plastics.

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