1. With a donation of ₹7,904 crores, Azim Premji, the founder-chairman of Wipro, topped the list of philanthropists in India; he donated roughly ₹22 crores per day in 2019.

2. Azim Premji Endowment Fund owns 13.6 per cent of the promoter’s shareholding in Wipro and has the right to receive all money earned from promoter shares.

3. On 1 April 2020, Azim Premji Foundation (Rs 1,000 crore), Wipro (Rs 100 crore), and Wipro Enterprises (INR 25 crore) have committed INR 1,125 crore towards tackling the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak.

4. Azim Premji is a role model for Indian philanthropy and is continuing to inspire other entrepreneurs into giving.

5. Back in May, the Forbes list of top private donations announced Wipro’s founder Azim Premji as the biggest contributor to the fight against COVID-19.

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