1. According to an estimate by the World Health Organization (WHO), mental illness makes about 15% of the total disease conditions around the world.

2. The same estimate also suggests that India has one of the largest populations affected by mental illness.

3. Moreover, between 1990 to 2017, one in seven people from India have suffered from mental illness ranging from depression, anxiety to severe conditions such as schizophrenia, according to a study.

4. The first and foremost reason for India to lose its mental health is the lack of awareness and sensitivity about the issue. There is a big stigma around people suffering from any kind of mental health issue.

5. There is a serious shortage of mental healthcare workforce in India. According to WHO, in 2011, there were 0·301 psychiatrists and 0·047 psychologists for every 100,000 patients suffering from a mental health disorder in India.

6. Timely intervention, awareness about the issue, availability of professional help, and appropriate policies are the only way to improve the situation.

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