1. Nursing and Home Health Care
The work is certainly not easy, and being a nurse in the time of COVID is not for the faint of heart, but countries throughout the West will continue to demand nurses in 2021.

2. Human Resources Specialists
Human Resources Specialists will be in high demand in 2021 thanks to the sheer amount of chaos that has been injected into the labour market and economy by the global pandemic.

3. Data Analysts
In the era of the big data business model, companies are going to continue to try and leverage their data however they can in an attempt to better connect with customers.

4. Cybersecurity Professionals
The more digital the workplace becomes and the more internet-integrated its processes are, the greater the number of cyber vulnerabilities there are to exploit for would-be hackers and other malicious actors.

5. Digital Marketers
Digital marketing will continue to account for an increasing percentage of total marketing budgets in 2021, as companies ramp up their SEO and social media efforts.

6. Creativity
Creative industries will continue to comprise a significant component of economic activity in 2021, and creative skill sets–abstract thinking and reasoning, originality, knowledge of and experience with Adobe Creative Suite programs–will feature high up the list of hiring managers’ requirements.

7. App Developer
Applications will proliferate throughout 2021 and beyond, which will create a corresponding need for developers both in house and freelance. 

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